"Music Of The Night"

Jul 26, 2017
Ryan Waldhart, conductor

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  1. The Star Spangled Banner

         ( Traditional arr. John Stafford Smith)

  2. Night on Bald Mountain

         (Modeste Moussorgsky arr. Mark Williams)

  3. It Had Better Be Tonight

         (Henry Mancini arr. Roy Phillippe)

  4. The Dark Knight Rises

         (Hans Zimmer arr. Ralph Ford)

  5. A Night in Tunisia

         (Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paperilli arr. Paul Murtha)

  6. The Crusader March

         (John Philip Sousa arr. David Butler)

  7. In the Gathering Dark

         (Kimberly K. Archer)

  8. The Phantom of the Opera

         (Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Johan de Meij)

  9. Night Journey

         (Chris M. Bernotas)