"Circus Days"

Jun 14, 2017
Harry Hindson, conductor

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  1. The Star Spangled Banner

         ( Traditional arr. John Stafford Smith)

  2. Nabucco Overture

         (Giuseppe Verdi)

  3. Entry of the Gladiators "Thunder and Blazes" (March)

         (Julius Fucik arr. Julius S. Seredy)

  4. Georgia Girl

         (Karl L. King)

  5. Olympia Hippodrome

         (Russell Alexander)

  6. Kentucky Sunrise

         (Karl L. King)

  7. Jungle Queen

         (George D. Bernard)

  8. Sabre and Spurs (March)

         (John Philip Sousa)

  9. Trombone Blues

         (Fred Jewell)

  10. Abdallah

         (Karl L. King)

  11. Copa Cabana Samba

         (Harold L. Walters)

  12. Among The Roses Waltz

         (C. L. Barnhouse)

  13. Midnight Fire Alarm

         (Harry Lincoln arr. John Krance)

  14. The Greatest Show On Earth

         (Victor Young)